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‘Cum Propris Suis Alis Volat’ - Fly with your own wings

Established in 1963, Holmes Institute is a multi-sector provider of education with faculties of English Language Training, Higher Education and Secondary Education. We are committed to providing the highest quality education to enable and empower students to seek self-improvement, irrespective of nationality, gender or belief.


Mission Statement

Holmes' mission is to provide a dynamic, student-centred learning environment that fosters rational thought and is committed to and supportive of free intellectual enquiry in the Institute's academic endeavours.

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Holmes Institute is a multi-sector provider of education with a Faculty of Higher Education, a School of Secondary Education and an English Language Centre.

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Holmes Institute began building a strong tradition of business excellence in 1963 with the founding of a commercial college in Melbourne, Australia.

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The Legal, Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions Agreement of this website.

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The Holmes Group

Holmes is a large organisation that has a wide range of interests throughout the world.

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Affiliated Organisations

Holmes provides services to other organisations in the area of English language training.

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