Grammar School

Principal's Message


At Holmes Grammar School we believe we offer the best senior high school certificate of education available in Australia.

In a school made up largely of international students, our core values are directly connected to our multicultural population, where respect for others is a key value in ensuring that students work together accepting their responsibility in creating a harmonious learning environment.  

We provide a highly specialised program where the curriculum provides both vocational and academic pathways to Diploma and Degree programs within the organisation or with other tertiary providers. Further curriculum expansion has also enabled students to broaden their study into areas that complement other academic or vocational pursuits at the tertiary level. The development of Language, Mathematics and Sciences has been an important feature of this expansion and is geared for students aspiring to higher levels of academic study beyond the High School experience.

Whatever direction you choose, our staff are dedicated professionals providing quality educational experiences within a friendly, caring and learning environment.

I look forward to meeting you at our campus located in the heart of Melbourne.


David Mustafa

Principal Holmes Grammar School