Higher Education

Dr Mohamed Elyas





Research Fellow (Cyber Security)

Qualification abbreviations

PhD in Cyber Security & Forensics
M.Sc. in Cyber Security
B.Sc. in Mathematics & Computer Science


Mohamed Elyas is a full-time research fellow at Holmes Institute. He has been tasked to build-up a new cyber security research centre for Holmes. The centre reflects Holmes commitment towards research and development and aims to contribute to theory and practice in cyber security. It also aims to cultivate a scholarly culture among the students and gear the institution towards research and development alongside its long standing educational role. Further, Mohamed is leading a major research project in the security of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Prior to joining Holmes, Mohamed worked for a couple of years in a specialised cyber security firm, where he was responsible for the security and administration of the company’s IT infrastructure, and providing multi-factor authentication and secure SSL support to corporate clients. Prior, he worked for about four years as a residential college tutor for IT at Melbourne University. Mohamed completed a bachelor with honours degree in mathematics and computer science, masters in cyber security, and PhD in cyber security and forensics.

Research areas

I am particularly interested in conducting qualitative research in the following broad IS areas:

•    Cyber Security
•    Digital Forensics
•    Internet of Things (Security)


Association for Information Systems (AIS)
Since 2013


Elyas, M., Ahmad, A., Maynard, SB., & Lonie, A. (2015). Digital Forensic Readiness: Expert Perspectives on a Theoretical Framework. Computers & Security. Volume 52, pp 70-89*

Elyas, M., Maynard, SB., Ahmad, A., & Lonie, A. (2014). Towards a Systematic Framework for Digital Forensic Readiness. Journal of Computer Information Systems, 54(3), pp. 97-105*

Elyas, M., Ahmad, A., Maynard, SB., & Lonie, A. (2014). Forensic Readiness: Is Your Organization Ready. Digital Forensic Magazine. TR Media, Issues 18, pp. 58-62**

Elyas, M., Azizah, AA. (2009). Taking Advantage of Windows Vista Backup Techniques for the Benefit of Forensic Investigations. The 13th International Business Information Management Association Conference. Marrakech ***

Elyas, M., Azizah, AA. (2009). Handling Windows Vista Bitlocker Encryption in Forensic Investigations. The 13th International Business Information Management Association Conference. Marrakech***

Elyas, M., Azizah, AA.  (2009). Digital Forensic Standard Operating Procedure for Windows Vista Bitlocker Encryption. The 1st Asia Pacific Conference on Defence and Security Technology. Kuala Lumpur

* ABDC Journal ranking (A)
** Invited Magazine Article
*** CORE conference ranking (B)

Peer Reviewer

Australian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS) – Information Security Stream

Professional Training /Certificates

Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) – PAN 7.0. Palo Alto Networks. 2016 – present.
SE Professional in Authentication Manager. RSA Security. 2015 – present.

Scholarships & Awards

Albert Shimmins Postgraduate Writing-Up Award (2015)  
University of Melbourne.

Academic and Professional Development Scholarship (2012, 2013, 2014)
International House, University of Melbourne.

Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship (2010)
University of Melbourne.

Melbourne International Research Scholarship (2010)
University of Melbourne.

Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (2010)
Ministry of Higher Education. Malaysia

E-Science Fund (2010)
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Malaysia

Academic Merit Award (2009)
University of Technology, Malaysia. Malaysia

Best Paper Award (2009)
Asia Pacific Conference on Defence & Technology. Malaysia