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Holmes Institute is committed to providing quality education in a dynamic, student-centred learning environment. In achieving this goal, Holmes fosters in its students rational thought, intellectual integrity and social responsibility. All our programs at degree level have been carefully designed and are delivered in such a way that supports our philosophy - INSPIRE - ACHIEVE - ENGAGE. This philosophy is achieved through fostering in students the Graduate Attributes of Holmes.


Graduate Attributes of Holmes
AttributeDescription of Attribute and Skills
CommunicationUsing speaking, listening, reading, writing, numeracy and IT related skills to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts, including digital settings.
International PerspectiveAwareness of and respect for the social, biological, cultural and economic interdependence of life in a global perspective. Demonstrating a global perspective and inter-cultural competence in professional life. 
Knowledge and Lifelong LearningAttaining in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in a field of choice with the work-ready skills to apply that knowledge in a variety of settings. An appreciation of the on-going role of learning as a factor in personal and social growth.
Critical and Creative ThinkingEffective problem-solving skills with the capacity to think logically and critically about a range of issues and problems.
Social Responsibility and Community EngagementA capacity to relate to and collaborate with others to exchange views and ideas and to achieve desired outcomes through teamwork, negotiation and conflict resolution in the context of social responsibility and community engagement. Acting ethically with integrity and social responsibility is part of this attribute.
Cooperation and TeamworkAn understanding of collaboration, cooperation and teamwork within agreed frameworks. This includes skills in inter-generational and inter-racial tolerance, mutual respect and resolving conflict to achieve productive outcomes.