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Bachelor of Professional Accounting (BPA)

Quick Facts

Course Overview

The Holmes Institute Bachelor of Professional Accounting (BPA) degree is designed to provide a rigorous accounting education based on a balanced combination of essential theory with the requirements of professional practice. The BPA degree provides comprehensive training in accounting and business for those who plan to enter the accounting profession. The specialist training in the core professional areas of accounting, finance and law is integrated with an understanding of the broad commercial context relevant to the management and conduct of business. Traditional accounting and finance studies are thus complemented by developing students' competencies in business-oriented knowledge and perspectives.

Course Structure

The Bachelor of Professional Accounting is a three-year course, delivered over six trimesters on a full-time basis. To meet the requirements for graduation, all students must successfully complete 24 units.

The 24 units consists of 12 core units covering a major specialisation in the professional requirements in accounting, finance and law, 4 core business units, and 8 elective units.

Bachelor of Professional Accounting (BPA)

Year 1

Year 2
Year 3

6 core units + 2 elective units


Core Units

HA1011 Applied Quantitative Methods


HA1020 Accounting Principles and Practices


HA1022 Principles of Financial Management


HC1010 Accounting for Business


HC1041 Information Technology for Business


HC1072 Economics & International Trade


2 electives may be chosen from the listed units of Holmes’ bachelor courses provided any prerequisites are met.

6 core units + 2 elective units


Core Units

HA2011 Management Accounting


HA2022 Business Law


HA2032 Corporate and Financial Accounting


HA2042 Accounting Information Systems


HC2091 Business Finance


HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics and Social Responsibility


2 electives may be chosen from the listed units of Holmes’ bachelor courses provided any prerequisites are met.

4 core units + 4 elective units


Core Units

HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting


HA3021 Corporations Law


HA3032 Auditing


HA3042 Taxation Law


4 electives may be chosen from the listed units of Holmes’ bachelor courses provided any prerequisites are met.


*Please note: Elective/specialisation units are offered subject to demand and may not be offered in a given study period.


On successful completion of this course, students are awarded the Bachelor of Professional Accounting (BPA) degree. The course meets the Australian Qualifications Framework specifications for a Level 7 bachelor degree.

Professional Accreditation

The Holmes Institute BPA degree is accredited by the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, CPA Australia and the Institute of Certified Management Accountants.

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Advanced Standing

Students may be able to shorten the length of this course by applying to transfer any recognised prior learning credits. The application will be assessed in consistence with the principles of the Holmes’ Advanced Standing Policy.

Opportunities for Further Study

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Accounting (BPA) degree, graduates are eligible to enrol in the CPA Australia program or the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, CA program. Please note that there are practical experience requirements, which graduates must also fulfil, in order to successfully complete professional level accreditation courses and subsequently use a professional level designation. For further information, refer to the relevant professional level accounting bodies’ websites.

The Holmes Institute also offers successful graduates of the BPA degree a range of both under-graduate level and post-graduate level degree options, if further tertiary level study is being pursued.

Career Opportunities

The Holmes Institute maintains strong links with all of the major professional accounting bodies in Australia, as well as with professional accountants currently working in practice. Whilst completing the BPA degree program, Holmes is able to provide students with career related advice and other relevant information to help both students and graduates select an appropriate career path in a suitable industry sector.

Mode of Delivery

This course is delivered face-to-face on campus. Units are delivered in a lecture and tutorial format.


The Holmes Institute provides students with a range of both formative and summative assessments to ensure all students are being effectively evaluated on their performance throughout their studies. Assessments include a balance of both individual and group-based tasks, as well as a variety of online based assessments. Students are provided with both formal and informal feedback from the relevant Academic staff and students also have the opportunity for more direct consultation, if required.

Course Learning Outcomes

The BPA degree course is designed to provide students with a wide breadth of knowledge of different aspects of accounting, management and business. The course is relevant to a range of professionals who wish to develop their skills and knowledge in relation to accounting, business management and their application to business. The Course Learning Outcomes are consistent with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF Level 7) and Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Accordingly, the graduates of the Bachelor of Professional Accounting will be able to:

  1. Understand and explain the theoretical and technical body of knowledge, fundamental to a contemporary accounting professional.
  2. Synthesise knowledge from various sources to analyse accounting scenarios and propose effective solutions.
  3. Work well autonomously as well as within group settings to identify accounting requirements and apply effective interpersonal and communication skills in recommending possible solutions to a diverse range of stakeholders.
  4. Demonstrate a high level of learning autonomy, including personal development through reflective practice and a commitment to creativity, ethical, legal, social responsibility in a contemporary business environment.


Course Location
Gold Coast