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Cross Institutional Study

Holmes Institute welcomes students from other universities to study a single subject and have them accredited to their degree. This option might be of particular interest to students who wish to study during the Summer Trimester, i.e. from November to February. Vice versa, should a subject not be offered by Holmes Institute at the given time, Holmes Institute students also have the option to study a subject for their degree at another university.

Academic Support/Study Skills

At Holmes Institute we understand the importance of support studying at Degree level. Holmes Institute draws on a wealth of experience and expertise in language, academic and study skills support that are available to all our students at no extra cost. While Academic Support classes are offered on a weekly basis and open to all students without appointment, other support sessions are offered on demand and request by students, including appointment with one of our experienced Academic Mentors.


Holmes Institute strongly recommends that students attend classes as often as possible to engage with their lecturers and fellow students in the acquisition and application of existing and new knowledge. However, Holmes Institute views its students as mature people able to make decisions and manage their studies independently. Hence we do not monitor student attendance but focus on the academic outcomes of our students and their academic progression throughout their degree as we believe this is the best preparation for our students for their future careers.

Cultural Diversity

Students studying at Holmes Institute come from Australia as well as from all over the world. This renders studying at Holmes a truly international experience where students are exposed to people from different cultures - just as in the real business world today. Holmes Institute values and respects cultural diversity, which is shared by our students, faculty and staff.


FEE-HELP is a loan program to assist eligible students to pay their tuition fees at Holmes. If you take out a FEE-HELP loan, the Australian Government pays the loan amount directly to Holmes on your behalf and a HELP loan debt is recorded for you with the Australian Taxation Office.

To know if you are eligible and how to apply, refer to FEE-HELP Application Policy and Procedure- Higher Education.

To find out more about FEE-HELP loans, eligibility and repayments, explore the Australian Government's Study Assist website.


General information about graduation at Holmes Institute

Information on Summer School / Summer Trimester

Any plans for summer - why not study and finish your degree early? Holmes Institute offers students the opportunity to enrol in the Summer School / Summer Trimester, which is a full trimester comprising of 12 weeks of lectures starting in November and concluding in February (including a break over Christmas). The Summer Trimester is not a compulsory study period, but allows students to "fast-track" their degree. In the Summer Trimester students can take a full (4 units), or reduced study load (anything less than 4 units) - just right for everyone wanting to take it a bit easier over summer, but not abandon their studies entirely. For specific dates and subjects offered, please contact hello@holmes.edu.au


Each trimester starts with the Orientation week, which is the time for new students to get to know their way around, meet their fellow students and lecturers. Orientation is also the time to get a better understanding about degree studies, attend helpful workshops open to all new students - overall, an exciting event for all new students not to be missed.

Admission to Courses

To apply to study with Holmes, please refer to Admission Information.

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