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What is Orientation and why is it important?

The Holmes Institute Orientation Program for degree students is an exciting and important event that marks the beginning of their academic life and career. Orientation is designed for new students to familiarise themselves with the campus and courses at Holmes Institute. Orientation will also help students transition into campus life. All new students are expected to attend Orientation.

What will happen during Orientation?

The Orientation Program at Holmes Institute is informative and enjoyable. During Orientation students will:

  • meet faculty who will be their lecturers and tutors
  • be introduced to staff who will help with administrative issues
  • choose their subjects with consultation with an Academic Mentor
  • obtain information on student life, academic responsibilities and services available to students
  • learn how to access important resources for academic work
  • obtain the trimester's timetable and a textbook list
  • obtain student card
  • attend small workshops and seminar sessions
  • talk to current students about their studies at Holmes Institute
  • ask questions.

What are the Dates of Orientation?

Orientation is held at the beginning of each trimester, one week prior to the commencement of classes. Orientation is held on different days on each campus.

What Workshops are offered during Orientation?

During Orientation, students are encouraged to attend small workshops and seminar sessions that provide important information about how to paraphrase, reference your work and give professional presentations. 

During these workshops students are given a workbook with information and exercises to review and practice in their own time.

Holmes Institute usually offers the following workshops for new students during Orientation:

Orientation Workshops
Workshop 1Students' Academic Responsibilities
Workshop 2Paraphrasing & Referencing
Workshop 3Doing Research using the Proquest Database and other library resources
Workshop 4Designing and delivering effective presentations

What do I need to bring on Orientation?

Orientation has two components, an administrative part and an academic part. Students should bring along the following:

  • Orientation Invitation/Confirmation Letter
  • Letter of Admission/Offer Letter
  • Passport (for International students only)
  •  Academic Transcripts (for students seeking Credit Transfer only)

Some information about Orientation

Orientation Programs on different campuses differ in length because of student numbers but they all contain the same basic information to help you settle into Holmes Institute.

Orientation is usually separate for different programs and courses. For example, Orientation for the Undergraduate Degrees is usually held on a different day than the Postgraduate Degree Orientation. 

Students are advised to check the details in their Orientation Invitation Letter for the orientation dates.

Should you have any queries regarding Orientation, please contact hello@holmes.edu.au

What happens if I miss Orientation?

Orientation is very helpful and informative for new students. Students unable to attend Orientation may miss vital information and experience difficulties at the start of the trimester so we expect all students to attend their respective orientation sessions.

Students unable to attend Orientation are expected to contact the Higher Education Coordinator of their campus and make alternative arrangements.