Starting your new educational adventure at Holmes Institute is an exciting time! We want to make sure you have the best possible start and feel warmly welcomed into the family from the moment you arrive for your Orientation Day at your relevant campus.

Each trimester starts with the Orientation week, which is the time for new students to get to know their way around, meet their fellow students and lecturers. Orientation is also the time to get a better understanding about degree studies, attend helpful workshops open to all new students.

Here is what you can expect of the day:
•    An Orientation designed to give you the best chance for success during your studies at Holmes
•    The provision of key information about how to get settled into Campus Life at Holmes and in Australia
•    Opportunities to meet your new peers, Student Ambassadors and key staff who will help you during your student journey at Holmes.

What do l need to bring?

To start-off with, a good mood and a big smile!

Of course, there are some other important documents you might need to bring along on the day:

Your ‘Offer of Admission’
If you have a ‘Conditional Offer of Admission’, you’ll need to bring evidence (e.g. your transcript) to show that you meet the conditions listed on your offer letter before enrolling in your subjects.

Your Academic Transcript
If you wish to apply for credit from previous learning (RPL), you’ll need to bring your academic transcript.

Your Passport
Please bring your passport with you, no matter if you are a domestic student or an International student.

Your Visa
If you are an international student, you will have to bring a copy of your visa with you.
We look forward to welcoming you to Holmes!

For more information on orientation, please contact