Grammar School

High School Preparation

Holmes Institute offers a tradition of excellence in preparing young students for studies in Australian schools as well as at our Grammar School. Safe, secure and supportive, Holmes provides specialized English Language Preparation for those students who need to increase their English level in readiness for secondary school studies.

Holmes Institute has developed an important network of schools that look to us in the preparation of their future students to enter High School with the appropriate skill and understanding of English Language. These schools exist in all sectors across Government, Catholic and Independent. It is testament to the confidence they have in us in the development of all our students within this preparation programme.

It features

  • A programme designed to focus on the individual needs of school-age students
  • Meeting the demands of all aspects of the Australian school curriculum
  • Extensive training in the use of computers and software packages
  • An introduction to the discipline of homework as part of the school experience
  • Regular testing and assessment as communicated through school reports


January - December     


  • Skill Development in English grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking
  • English for Mathematics
  • English for Science
  • English for Social Sciences

Course Length             

1 - 40 weeks


Every Monday

Course Location