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Dr Habib Ur Rahman









Dr Habib Ur Rahman earned his PhD in Business from the Bond Business School, Bond University, Australia. Being an energetic academic and active researcher, Dr Rahman is actively performing his academic roles to promote inquiry, advance the sum of human knowledge, provide general instructions to the students, and develop capable and up-to-date business graduates. He actively performs his leadership role in strategic institutional curriculum and policy development. Dr Rahman is currently working as a Lecturer at the Holmes Institute, Gold Coast, Australia. Before that, he has been associated with Bond University and the University of the Sunshine Coast as a semester teaching follow and a sessional. Before his doctoral studies, he has worked for seven years in the telecommunication industry, performing various roles, including Manager Interconnect Revenue – Finance. Dr Rahman has conducted several successful interconnect and financial reconciliations of complex backlog data based on his strong leadership and conflict resolution skills.

Teaching areas

  • Accounting Information System
  • Corporate and Managerial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Quantitative Analysis

Research areas

  • Fiscal Vulnerability to Crises
  • Financial and Banking Stability
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Kuznets Curve
  • Monetary Policy and Stock Returns
  • House Prices


  • Institute of Financial Consultants

Selected Publications

Rahman, H.U., Goldsmith, A., Rajaguru, G. and Khan, S., 2018. Vulnerability to Crisis, Fiscal Consolidation and Banking Sector Stability: Evidence from Selected Economies. (Doctoral dissertation, Bond University). Available at: https://research.bond.edu.au/en/studentTheses/caeaf983-3728-4ede-b236-c81d91382608

Rahman, H.U., Zaman, U. and Górecki, J., 2021. The Role of Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and Globalization in Environmental Degradation: Empirical Evidence from the BRICS Region. Sustainability, 13(4), p.1-16.

Rahman, H.U., Ghazali, A., Bhatti, G.A. and Khan, S.U., 2020. Role of economic growth, financial development, trade, energy and FDI in environmental Kuznets curve for Lithuania: evidence from ARDL bounds testing approach. Engineering Economics, 31(1), pp.39-49.

Rahman, H.U., Yousaf, M.W. and Tabassum, N., 2020. Bank-Specific and Macroeconomic Determinants of Profitability: A Revisit of Pakistani Banking Sector under Dynamic Panel Data Approach. International Journal of Financial Studies, 8(3), p.1-19.

Rahman, H.U., Ali, G., Zaman, U., and Pugnetti, C. 2021. Role of ICT Investment and Diffusion in the Economic Growth: A Threshold Approach for the Empirical Evidence from Pakistan. International Journal of Financial Studies. 9(14). p. 1-14.

Rahman, H.U., and Mohsin, H.M., 2012. Momentum effect: empirical evidence from karachi stock exchange. The Pakistan development review, pp.449-461.

Rahman, H.U. and Mohsin, H.M., 2011. Monetary policy announcements and stock returns: Evidence from the Pakistani market. Transition Studies Review, 18(2), pp.342-360.

Rahman, H.U., Bhatti, G.A., Khan, S.U. and Aidoo, E.S., 2020. Are Asian stock and house prices integrated or segmented?. International Journal of Electronic Finance, 10(1-2), pp.79-92.

The selected publications are listed above. The complete details of Dr Rahman’s publications are available on:
•    Google Scholar [https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=2x6TDiIAAAAJ&hl=en]
•    ORCID [https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4791-4689].