Higher Education

Message from the Chair of the Academic Board


On behalf of the Academic Board, I would like to welcome you to Holmes Institute. That you are here is already proof that you have grasped a great opportunity. The course of study that you pursue here at Holmes Institute will build the knowledge base and skills for life-long learning that will help you make the most of the opportunity - the journey on which you have embarked.

The Academic Board assures the quality of your study program. The senior academics and external experts on the Board are there to make sure that the quality of your degree is recognised as an Australian-accredited award recognised both nationally and internationally at the highest standards of university equivalence. Holmes has a forty-year track record of developing and delivering these study programs.

I wish you well with your studies and I would like you to think of your studies as a partnership between you and the teaching faculty and the Board. In partnership, we can achieve rewarding results.

Our commitment to a partnership with students is evidenced by student representation on the Board. This offers every student an avenue, a voice, in the academic processes overseen by Academic Board. Do use that avenue to make your views known to the Board. In addition, I hope I may meet you personally to discuss your study program as you progress through your studies.

Thank you for your decision to join Holmes Institute.


Professor Peter Schmidt

Chair of the Academic Board